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Implants Process

Dental Implants in Nottingham

Your Dental Implant Treatment Process

Dental implants are a great fixed alternative to removable dentures. There is no fear of misplacement or breakage with constant removal. At Arnold Dental, we can easily and quickly replace a damaged or lost tooth and replace it with a strong, durable implant which will be coloured and shaped to match to your existing teeth. Unless you inform them yourself, no one will know you’ve had a dental implant.

Due to their fixed durability, dental implants do not in any way require a change in your diet. They fit into your lifestyle, as opposed to you changing for them.

Dental Implants in Nottingham in just 4 steps:

  • Initial Consultation You will firstly have a full consultation with you dentist to assess your needs and how many implants are necessary. They will review your medical history, take an x-ray of your mouth and a mould impression of your mouth will be made. This is to ensure your dental implants fit you perfectly and we can help you achieve your best treatment outcome. It is also possible that a scan of your jawbone is necessary to assess if you have enough jawbone to hold the implant, but your experienced dentist can advise on this if necessary.

  • Implant placement Once your tooth implants are ready, they can be placed into your mouth. This will be done in a minor surgical procedure, under sterile conditions and if required, sedation alongside local anaesthetic can be administered. The titanium implant is placed into your jawbone and overtime, will fuse to the bone itself. This ensures complete fixture to the mouth, making dental implants exceptionally durable.

  • Settling The process of fusing the implant to the bone can take between 6 weeks to 6 months, it’s entirely patient specific. If necessary, dentures or bridgework can be worn to ensure optimum results.

  • Your brand-new smile Once your crown is fitted and colour-matched to your teeth, you can smile with confidence again. Using a porcelain crown, the natural looking teeth will be constructed by a dental technician working closely with the dental surgeon. This assures that the new tooth is a perfect match to the existing teeth if a full set is not required.

If you are interested in Dental Implants, get in touch with our Nottingham dentist or book online today!


Arnold Dental | Nottingham

Having been a patient for over 20 years, and initially a very nervous patient, I have both conquered my fear of dentists and found a dental practice which is professional, friendly, and provides absolutely excellent service. I am never nervous and can say I have always had a brilliant service.

Julia Arnold Dental | Nottingham


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