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Cosmetic Bonding

Composite bonding conserves healthy tissue and naturally strengthens the remaining tooth providing a quick, painless and reversible solution to cosmetic problems, such as gaps, chips and discolouration.

As well as being ideal for invisible fillings, it can be used for minimally invasive veneers as it does not require much or any  preparation of the tooth surface, and for cosmetically closing gaps.

Layers of super-strong and long lasting, tooth-coloured filling material is perfectly matched and built up to look like natural teeth, with amazing results.

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Dental composite is the material we use for fillings, amongst other cosmetic treatments. It’s a strong, tooth-coloured material that blends into your natural teeth to restore form, function, and aesthetics to your smile.

We prepare the tooth and apply a liquid bonding agent, to which we then apply the dental composite. It looks and feels a little like a tooth coloured putty, allowing us to then mould and shape it to resemble your natural teeth. After this, we apply a professional dental light to harden the first layer. We’ll continue to apply layers and repeat the process until we reach the best cosmetic result for you. We’ll then ensure it doesn’t cause any tooth sensitivity and provide you with aftercare advice, so you can enjoy your new smile for a long time to come!

Cosmetic bonding treats a diverse range of aesthetic dental concerns. Composite bonding is used on chipped or broken teeth to build the affected area back into strong and stable form. It can also be used to treat discoloured or stained teeth, because the composite can be build up on the surface of the tooth to mask any irregularities. The colour of the composite is tooth-coloured, meaning your previously discoloured tooth will blend seamlessly into your smile. If you’re experiencing unwanted gaps in your teeth, cosmetic bonding can also be used to build the tooth sideways to fill these spaces or even larger gaps. This creates a more uniform smile you can feel confident in.

Yes, composite bonding is very similar to veneers except it is much less invasive. Veneers can require a lot of preparation of the tooth and destruction of the surface, whereas cosmetic bonding requires comparatively little preparation and often no drilling. This means we can improve the appearance of your teeth without causing trauma or discomfort while still delivering great results

Tooth shaping and contouring with bonding brightens your smile without the need to spend a lot of time or money, it’s often one of the simplest fixes for a smile makeover.

The treatment itself is painless and promotes the health of your teeth by increasing the strength of the tooth. It’s entirely safe, though some patients do feel some short-term sensitivity. If you’re one of these few, we have products and advice that can help with this, so don’t be afraid to ask!

If you eat and drink lots of staining foodstuffs such as red wine, strong coffee and or dark tea, dark fruits such as beetroot and coloured food with strong colouring or spices it may be harder to get longer lasting results, as the less staining the beter the results are seen. As your bonding is fully finished it forms an impervious barrier, you can eat and drink what you like, we do advise you to try to limit the above foodstuffs especially immediately around the polishing and refining process of contouring and bonding and obviously you can brush your teeth just like before with a happy bright even smile.

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