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Can Clear Braces Help Treat TMJ Disorder

Clear braces have been on the dental scene for several years now, and as well as helping treat millions of patients all around the world, they’ve gained widespread public attention. It’s a common enquiry we have here at our Nottingham dental practice. Braces are no longer solely available in the traditional fixed metal style – […]

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Options For Missing Teeth At Arnold Dental

Have you got a missing tooth, or several missing teeth? Do you have an entire set of teeth missing? Are all your teeth missing? Whatever your circumstances, don’t worry – our expert dentists here in Nottingham can help restore you smile to its former glory. Today, we’ll reveal treatment options in the case of missing […]

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Do I Need to Change my Diet After Having Dental Implants?

Do I Need to Change my Diet After Having Dental Implants? Dental implants are a great way to revitalise your smile, but as with all surgical treatments, it’s important to consider aftercare. After getting a dental implant, your teeth will be in a delicate state, so it’s important to follow a carefully considered diet in […]

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