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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
Arnold Dental is now open following our updated protocols and guidelines.
To ensure the safety of both our staff and patients this will be a phased process.
Priority will be given initially to those patients in pain and who have been unable to receive treatment during the lockdown period.
Routine and non urgent treatment will recommence as soon as possible.
We are extremely grateful for your support throughout these challenging times and thank you for your continued patience.
If your require an emergency appointment please contact reception who will talk directly with your dentist to facilitate the earliest opportunity to speak to you. Click here for more information.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Conditions of treatment

If you have an emergency appointment for dental treatment here at Arnold Dental we ask that you adhere to certain conditions required to help ensure the safety of patients and surgery staff. Before you attend for your appointment we need to ensure:Read More

Get the Most Out of Your Treatment

Whatever treatment you choose, when you come to Arnold Dental, based near Newark, we can help. Whether you’re interested in teeth whitening, Invisalign braces, dental implants or something more routine, we have some top tips for ways to get the most outRead More

What To Avoid With Invisalign Braces

Congratulations – you’ve just started on your journey to straighter teeth! However, many of our patients who undergo Invisalign brace treatment don’t realise how they need to care for their new aligners, and keep their treatment on track. So, our team ofRead More

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

UPDATED 27/3/20 In line with the current Government advice we are open for dental emergencies only. All routine dental care has been postponed until at least 14/4/20. The practice is manned with a core staff between 9 am and 5 pm Monday-Friday.Read More

Invisalign Braces: Top Tips

So, you’ve just got – or are looking into getting – Invisalign braces. But how do you get the most out of them and ensure they last until your next set comes along, and that your treatment stays on track?   HereRead More

The benefits of having Invisalign

 They are Comfortable   Unlike Traditional Braces, Invisalign will save you from having the odd painful wire prodding your cheek. Invisalign braces are made to precision so they fit snug around every nook and cranny. They are made of a flexible smoothRead More

What are Dental Implants?

If you are struggling with poorly fitting dentures or are perhaps concerned about the way your mouth is functioning, you may be considering treatment. Arnold Dental is here to inform you about what Dental Implants are and how they can transform yourRead More

Are Invisalign braces worth it?

If you have considered braces then exploring your available options is something you may have already done. With many different types available, here at Arnold Dental in Nottingham, we are focused on finding the treatment that is suited to your individual needs.Read More

How to Clean your Invisalign Aligners

A task that cannot be avoided, cleaning your Invisalign aligners are just as important as cleaning your teeth. Not only do you minimise the risk of your Invisalign trays cracking or discolouring, you’re also limiting the damage your teeth you could experience.Read More