Clear costings for you

Our Price List

At Arnold Dental Care, we’re open about our fees and pricing, with no hidden or unexpected costs. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us as your dental practice:

We provide a thorough estimate of proposed treatments and, as each mouth is unique, each treatment plan is tailored to meet our patients’ needs. We ask for payment of what you have had done at each appointment for routine treatments allowing you to keep a check on the cost and preventing unexpected bills being run up.

For bigger spending we like to talk you through our pay monthly options using our finance partners.

– All cash, cheques, and major credit cards accepted (except American Express)

– A range of practice plans, to help you budget for your dental care

– Tailored dental treatment plans

– An estimate of proposed treatments ahead of time

The prices below are just a guide. Please note that some of our treatments have a price range, as costs can depend on materials used or the complexity involved, and it is sometimes possible to choose from a range of materials, which is why we use the word ‘from’. Feel free to discuss any options with the clinical team as they are experts in what they do,

Treatments Pay as you go Practice Plan (20% discount)

Patient Examinations

New Patient Examination (Includes up to 4 x-rays) £68.24 £68.24
Regular Patient Examination £45.50 Included
X-ray (small) £13.44 Included

Hygiene Therapy

Simple Hygiene Therapy £56.87 Included
Extensive Hygiene Therapy £84.79 £67.21


White Fillings From £99.26 £79.62
Silver Fillings From £99.26 £79.62


Simple Extraction From £94.09 £75.48
Complex Extraction From £188.19 £150.96

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment From £322.61 (£479.78) £257.47

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening From £241.96 £241.96


Bonded Porcelain Crowns From £507.69 £406.36
All Ceramic Crowns From £563.53 £450.82

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign Clear Aligners From £1975.99 £1975.99

Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics Consultation £51.70 £51.70
Botox £170 £170


Implant Consultation FREE FREE
Single Tooth Implant 
(Planning, 3D image, drill guide, implant, abutment & crown) from £2199 £2199
Implant Retained Denture 
(Planning, 3D image, implant x2, abutment x2 & lower denture) From £3559 £3599
2 missing teeth- implant 1 x implant carrying 2 crowns £2649 Call the practice for more information
3 missing teeth - 2 x implant carrying bridge From £ 3898 Call the practice for more information
Lower arch teeth - 2 x implant and denture From £3750 Call the practice for more information
Upper arch teeth on 4 x implants and denture £5850 Call the practice for more information
Implant supported fixed bridge From £9800 Call the practice for more information