Single Dental Implants

For teeth that look, feel and work like the real thing, try dental implants. Long-lasting, durable and natural-looking, these are a great option for those missing one tooth or many.

Tooth implants can also be used to help secure a bridge or replace all the teeth in the mouth with an implant supported denture or fixed implant bridge.

The benefits of Single Dental Implants

At Arnold Dental in Nottingham, our single dental implants are a popular choice amongst patients looking to restore their smile in a natural-looking way. Here are just some of their benefits:

  • Eat and chew comfortably and efficiently
  • Replace a missing tooth without causing any damage to adjacent teeth
  • Provide a secure anchor for dentures and bridges
  • Boost your smile and your confidence
  • Prevent ‘hollow’ appearance seen with poorly fitting dentures
  • Reduce wear and tear, movement and bite problems on the teeth near the gaps