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What To Avoid With Invisalign Braces

Congratulations – you’ve just started on your journey to straighter teeth! However, many of our patients who undergo Invisalign brace treatment don’t realise how they need to care for their new aligners, and keep their treatment on track. So, our team of dentists have come together to offer their advice on looking after your new […]

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Invisalign Braces: Top Tips

So, you’ve just got – or are looking into getting – Invisalign braces. But how do you get the most out of them and ensure they last until your next set comes along, and that your treatment stays on track? Here at Arnold Dental, your local Nottingham dentist, we’ve seen the transformative power of Invisalign […]

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The benefits of having Invisalign

They are Comfortable Unlike Traditional Braces, Invisalign will save you from having the odd painful wire prodding your cheek. Invisalign braces are made to precision so they fit snug around every nook and cranny. They are made of a flexible smooth plastic so you can guarantee there will be no sharp edges or uncomfortable pieces […]

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