Invisible or Metal Braces

Braces: which is the right type to choose for your smile? And how do you know if you’re making the right choice? Luckily, at our Nottingham dental practice, we have different styles to consider – with pros and cons for each. From the traditional metal brace to invisible braces which offer a discreet treatment, find out what’s on offer here in Nottingham, and how it could benefit your smile.


First, let’s look at how these braces are designed. Invisible aligners are clear, removable and known for comfort. They slip easily onto your smile, gently nudge teeth into position, and can be removed for eating, teeth-cleaning and other quick activities (even the odd selfie). They make a great, flexible choice for both teens and adults alike, and are only gaining in popularity

By comparison, metal braces are fixed to your smile. You won’t be able to pop these off when you feel like it, and you’ll have to adjust to a new way of cleaning your smile.

Comfort of both braces

As we’ve mentioned, invisible braces are considered extremely comfortable – not least because they can be removed when liked. Made of acrylic, they fit snugly over your smile with only slight pressure needed to align teeth.

A metal brace requires more force to move the teeth, as well as wires, brackets and elastics that can be adjusted and tightened.


As the name suggests, invisible aligners are a discreet choice that others may not notice. In fact, one of the leading invisible brace manufacturers – Invisalign – uses this as part of their name. The acrylic they’re made of is clear and difficult to spot while being worn, however, without care, it can discolour.

Metal braces can have some clear components, and some types (like lingual braces, which are fitted to the backs of your teeth) can be virtually invisible

Cost of the braces

The price depends, more than anything, on the treatment length. With invisible aligners, you’ll have new aligners made for each stage of treatment (roughly every 2 weeks). Metal braces require adjusting in the dentist’s chair – though this is something we routinely do at our Nottingham practice.

Booking a consultation

To discover more about these braces and see which one could work best for you and your smile, why not book a consultation at our Nottingham dental practice? Find all the details on our website and we’ll get back to you with a time and date.