Boost your smile confidence with dental implants

Lost a tooth recently in Nottingham and now you’re in embarrassed about your smile? Tooth loss can occur at any age but the resulting gap is never going to be a feature that enhances your appearance, especially if it’s at the front of your mouth. The good news is a dental implant can fill the gap with a natural looking prosthetic tooth and give you your smile confidence back. 

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are permanent replacement teeth. They are the closest alternative to your original teeth as they will be crafted to look exactly like the tooth you’ve lost. Once you’ve got used to the feeling of having them in your mouth, they should feel similar to natural teeth too.

The two parts of a dental implant are the titanium root, which will be placed into the gum by one of our expert dental surgeons here at our Nottingham practice and the crown which sits on top of the root. You’ll leave our practice in Nottingham with your smile corrected and few people should be able to tell you to have anything other than a perfect smile.

The benefits of dental implants

As well as improving the appearance of your smile, dental implants can offer health benefits that you will be pleased you found out about and may prevent you from having orthodontic problems in the future.

In order for your jawbone to remain as healthy as possible, it needs teeth to stimulate it. If you have lost a tooth, or some teeth, your jawbone in this area may start to deteriorate. Once this happens, you may find the procedure to have dental implants fitted will become more invasive. This is because dental implants require a healthy jawbone to hold them securely in place.

Having dental implants fitted here in Nottingham should keep your jawbone healthy and prevent the caved in look around the mouth area that often occurs as a result of tooth loss. Additionally, filling that gap should prevent your remaining natural teeth from shifting in their positions and spreading out, leading to tooth alignment, which may cause you to need braces in the future.

Dental implant supported dentures

Multiple dental implants can be used as anchors to hold a set of dentures in your mouth, should you require a full set of teeth, or a bridge containing a number of teeth in a row. Just 4 to 6 dental implants will provide you with a full set of replacement teeth that won’t move around, won’t fall out accidentally and can be used to help you chew your food and speak more clearly.

What does dental implant placement involve?

In the first instance, you’ll have a consultation with a dentist here at the Arnold practice in Nottingham to discuss your dental implant needs. Once your teeth have been examined, the dentist will provide you with a local anaesthetic before placing the root of the implant into your gum and fixing a temporary crown to the top. You will receive your permanent crown when your jaw has healed completely after several months.

If you’ve lost a tooth and you don’t want the appearance of your teeth or face to be affected by it, please give us a call to book a consultation with us as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the longer it may take for us to fit your implant. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help restore your smile to its former glory.

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