Dental Care For Teens

With many of our dentists being parents themselves, we know all about the challenges you can face when keeping on top of your teen’s dental care.

Teenagers are busy finding their place in the world, and getting to know themselves at the same time. Dental care is often bottom of their priorities and they don’t always realise that bad habits now, can affect their smile for life.

In this post, our dentists have put together some ways to help your teen with their dental care.

1) Encourage regular trips to the dentist

Balancing their social life, school, hobbies and extra-curricular activities, and potentially first jobs can be difficult – and many teens say they simply haven’t got time for things that are actually really important.

Regular trips to the dentist (or orthodontist) is key in keeping on top of their oral health. It can help detect problems early and treat issues ranging from wonky teeth to cavities. Their dental professional can also share tips for teeth-cleaning and may be able to recommend products, too.

2) Watch what they eat

Diet plays an important role in the health of your smile as well as your body. Here are some things to watch out for in your teen’s diet:

* Sugar – whether it’s snacking on sweets or having lots of sweetened drinks, sugar is everywhere and can take its toll on teeth. In fact, it’s one of the leading causes of dental decay.
* Ice – it may sound silly, but crunching on ice can damage and crack teeth.
* Alcohol – if your teen is old enough to drink, take note: alcohol causes dry mouth. Saliva is essential for good dental health, as it washes away food particles and can even help target early signs of oral infections.
* Carbonated drinks – these are often called a ‘triple threat’, as not only can they stain teeth and dry the mouth, but they attack tooth enamel.
* Acidic foods – even juicy fruits like oranges and grapefruits can cause dental damage. Our advice is to rinse your mouth after eating these fruits, and to avoid adding a slice of lemon to your drink (every little helps!).


3) Keep on top of problems

One issue that faces many teens is that of a wonky or gappy teeth. In this case, a trip to the orthodontist can get them on the path to a straighter smile. Our orthodontists suggest Invisalign clear braces for teeth that need re-aligining. This special type of orthodontic treatment is used the world over, and thanks to the design of the clear braces, it’s both comfortable and discreet. You can find out more about the treatment on our dedicated page, here.


Next steps for your dental care

If you’re concerned about your teen’s smile, then so are we. Click to visit our contact page or book online and we’ll arrange for them to visit our dentists (based near Newark in Nottingham) to take a look at their smile and offer advice that’s tailored to their teeth.