Do I Need To Change My Diet After Having Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a leading solution for replacing tooth loss in the UK. Durable, reliable, realistic and colour-matched to the shape, size and shade of your natural teeth. It’s no surprise our patients love the treatment here in Nottingham, too.

As with any treatment, you’re bound to have questions – and with tooth implants, people often wonder what changes they might need to make to their diet and lifestyle. We’re here to share some top tips from our Nottingham dentists, so you’ve got peace of mind wherever you are in your tooth implant treatment journey.


Before dental implant treatment

The first step to your new dental implant procedure is a consultation. This is where we’ll be able to look over your smile, check your oral health and history, and ensure tooth implants are right for you. At this stage in your journey, you’ll have one or more missing teeth and may be anxious about what you can bite, chew and eat. Depending on your concerns, our Nottingham dentists will be able to help. Generally, we’d suggest avoiding hard and crunchy foods like nuts or hard sweets and sticking to softer ones. But, it depends on how the missing tooth (or teeth) are affecting your diet.


During treatment

Dental implants are a type of minimally invasive surgery. You’ll need a small incision created in your gum to place the false tooth. And you’ll need this to heal sufficiently for the permanent crown to be fitted afterwards. During this stage of your treatment, your mouth will be recovering. In the first few days, soft foods and liquids – such as soup – are ideal. You can also try things like mashed potatoes, fruit purees, juices, scrambled eggs, soft fish and yoghurt. After that initial healing period, you can add more foods to your diet – like chicken, mince, porridge, dairy products like cheese, and other fruits like grapes and blueberries.


After dental implant treatment

Once your permanent crown has been fitted, your new dental implant is complete. Our Nottingham dentists say you’ll be able to return to a regular diet. But, be aware that some foods may always be a little risky – especially those crunchy ones – so do take care and let us know if you notice any concerns.


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