Dr Rudin’s Channel Challenge

You likely know Dr David Rudin as our Dental Surgeon here at Arnold Dental, Nottingham. But as well as being dedicated to our patients’ healthy, happy smiles, Dr Rudin is a great believer in philanthropy and giving back to communities in need through charitable giving.

That’s why, at the start of August of this year (2022), Dr Rudin and his team swam the length of the English Channel, raising money for a very worthy cause. Find out more about it in today’s special blog. And if you’re looking for dental advice and appointments? You can still get in touch with us here.

Arnold Dental Practice in Arnold team at the beach smiling

So, what’s the fundraising in aid of?

Dr Rudin and his relay team took the Channel challenge to fundraise for Aspire, the spinal injury charity. Every four hours, someone in the UK is paralysed by a spinal cord injury. The charity offers those affected practical help and supports them in their journey from injury to independence.

Why Aspire?

One of Dr Rudin’s classmates suffered a life-changing injury and so suggested the charity after seeing the impact of spinal cord injuries and is so grateful for all the support he has received from his classmates, colleagues and clients. You can find out more about the charity and its work on the Aspire website.


Arnold Dental Staff Member sitting and overlooking the sunset

What happened during the challenge?

Dr Rudin set off in the small hours (00:50 to be precise) of the morning of 1st August 2022. It took almost 12 hours to complete the swim, with the group arriving at 12:18 in France.

a map Maping out a route to Arnold Dental

The swim began in some testing conditions, with half the team affected by seasickness due to the weather and water turbulence, and the cold factor to deal with – none of the team wore wetsuits. There was also a lot to be aware of while out in the water, from wildlife like jellyfish to boats and tankers. But with their fighting spirit, they pulled through as a team and each completed the challenge.

The Arnold Dental staff working at the beech

How much has been raised so far?

The total is still increasing, thanks to kind donations from Arnold Dental’s patients, as well as friends, family and well-wishers. At the time of writing, the total is an incredible £12,577.  The fundraiser is still open for donating, and Dr Rudin hopes to raise even more, with the next target set at £15,000.

How do you donate to the cause?

You can visit Dr Rudin’s Just Giving page for all the details. Dr Rudin is incredibly grateful for the support and would like to thank everyone who has donated, shared the Just Giving page, and cheered him on for the swim. Now that he’s recovered, he’s back in the dentist’s chair here in Nottingham and ready to welcome patients back for treatment.

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