How To Prevent Bad Breath With Invisalign

You might have heard how fantastic Invisalign clear braces are for straightening smiles, but did you know there are other benefits to wearing them, too? In this post, we look at how Invisalign braces could help with your oral health, too.

So, how can Invisalign braces help with bad breath?

Bad breath is often caused by a build-up of bacteria on food particles. Those with gaps between their teeth may find food easily gets trapped in the spaces, resulting in more bacteria, and more of a smell. Because Invisalign braces correct and align the position of the teeth, treatment can help to close the gaps, and prevent food and bacteria accumulating.

How else can Invisalign braces help my oral health?

Aligning the teeth can help to improve your oral health in general. If your teeth are crooked, Invisalign can create a straighter smile, where it’s easier to clean the surfaces of the teeth. We’ve mentioned how it can help with gaps in the smile, but it works both ways – those who have teeth that are too close together, may not be able to properly clean between them.

What else can Invisalign braces help with?

As well as gaps, crookedness and teeth that are too close together, many of our patients are concerned with their bite. For instance, their top teeth might overlap their bottom ones (overbite) or vice versa (underbite), or the teeth might not meet at all (open bite). Bite issues can also lead to pain in the jaw, headaches, tooth wear and other concerns.

Why else should I try clear braces?

Our patients here at our dental practice near Newark love how easy Invisalign braces are – easy to clean, remove and wear. In many situations, treatment is a similar cost to alternatives, such as fixed braces, but offers more flexibility. Finally, both adults and teenagers can benefit from Invisalign braces; there’s even a blue dot indicator to show parents that they’re being worn for the right amount of time for extra peace of mind.

How do I start treatment?

Just get in touch or book online with our friendly team. We’ll invite you into our dental practice near Newark for a consultation where we can assess your smile, and if the treatment is suitable for you, we’ll talk you through your next steps. Most patients are suitable for Invisalign clear braces, and the treatment is very successful. We hope to see you soon for a consultation!