Options For Missing Teeth At Arnold Dental

If you’ve got missing teeth, don’t suffer in silence. At our well-established Nottingham dental practice, our team of professional dentists can help restore the function and appearance of your smile. We’ve lots of fantastic treatments available to our Nottingham patients, so if you’re interested in options for missing teeth, read on.


  1. Dental implants


Also known as tooth implants, these are false teeth that are surgically implanted into your mouth. While it sounds invasive, it’s a straightforward procedure with a great success rate and minimal surgery needed (just a local anaesthetic). Tooth implants are realistic, strong, highly successful and not as pricey as you might think. They’re also available as single implants; multiple implants; and full sets of implants. For example, you could have an implant-retained bridge or dentures.


  1. Dental bridge


While on the topic, let’s talk about dental bridges in a bit more detail.

  • Conventional bridges: these have a false tooth suspended by a crown on top of the natural teeth at either side. But, some preparation of these natural teeth is needed.
  • Cantilever bridges: these are similar to conventional bridges, except there is only support on one side of the false tooth.
  • Implant-retained bridges: these work similarly to conventional bridges, except the supporting teeth are retained by implants.


  1. Dentures


These can be either removable dentures in the traditional sense, or implant-retained dentures, where the set of false teeth is kept in place with implanted anchor points. These work a little like press studs to help the dentures feel more strong, stable and secure in your mouth.


Quick questions about our dental implant treatment


Our patients often have questions about what dental implants involve, as it’s one of the top treatments we offer here in Nottingham for missing teeth. Here, we’ll answer some common questions patients typically ask.


  • Why have treatment?


Without treatment, it’s possible your teeth could shift in your mouth or you could lose some of your underlying gum or jawbone (recession). This can impact your remaining teeth, as well as your bite and chew function.


  • Are dental implants costly?


No, we don’t consider them to be. We think they offer outstanding value for money – lasting a lifetime with proper care, and being permanently implanted into your mouth to allow for biting, chewing and more.


  • Can I eat a normal diet with tooth implants?


Once they have healed. It’s one of the reasons our patients choose to go ahead with treatment, as they have a much better quality of life afterwards. Additionally, our dental practice in Nottingham offers finance to help you manage the costs.


Replace your missing teeth today!


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