The Process Of An Orthodontist

Orthodontists provide you with a spectrum of services that can help target the problem you have. Appliances such as plastic braces, headgear or removable / fixed braces could be the answer to your issue.

The benefits of using an Orthodontist are that they can treat some scenarios such as correctional dental crowning and straightening of your teeth and improving your smile. Many individuals have crowded or crooked teeth and teeth meeting incorrectly when they bite which can cause more damage or put unnecessary strain on the jaw muscles.

Types of Braces available

Advanced research and capabilities have given the chance to select the type of brace you would like. You can either opt in for a clear brace, the traditional metal brace or Inman aligners.

You may be able to get your braces in sooner rather than later, or you may have to visit your dentist prior to have some teeth removed or cleaned. The procedure prior to having your braces in is dependent on the current situation of your teeth. Orthodontists do not offer the cleansing process of your teeth and it is vital this is seen beforehand as this can heavily disrupt the procedure once your braces are fitted in.

Duration and Procedure

The duration on installation for your braces roughly amounts to two hours and is a relaxed process. There is minimal pain reported during the course of the procedure while the orthodontist inserts the brackets to your teeth. If you still remain nervous prior to your appointment, feel free to visit our testimonials page to read what lots of once-phobic patients have to say about our care.

Throughout the duration, your orthodontist will schedule in routine checks, which are brief to inspect and adjust your brackets and help monitor the progress. Ensuring cleanliness is key for a straightforward appointment, people tend to find it difficult to keep their teeth clean while the brace is installed so extra brushing is essential during treatment.

If you’re worried about costs and going private for your orthodontic treatment, we provide options to spread the cost in viable installments.

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