Treating Bite Problems With Invisalign

Do you suffer from a poor bite? Is eating, biting and chewing causing you pain and problems? Is a misaligned bite leaving you with worn teeth and sore gums? Then it’s time to talk to our expert dentists in Nottingham about Invisalign.


Why bite problems are a concern


Bite problems are common, but that doesn’t mean they’re something you have to live with. If left untreated, bite problems can lead to other issues, from pain (headaches, jaw, TMJ) to gum and tooth erosion, and even the possibility of teeth chipping and cracking. That’s why it’s important to get them looked at as soon as possible before they become an issue.


Types of bite problem


There are many kinds of bite problems, though perhaps the most widespread is overbite. This is where the top set of teeth overlaps the bottom ones. Many people have an overbite to some degree, but the more the teeth overlap, the more the potential for problems. Other concerns include underbite (the opposite), crossbite (a little of both) and open bite (where there’s a gap when the teeth are closed).


Treatments for bite problems


As an orthodontic dental practice, we can help with a range of teeth-straightening treatments that focus on aligning the smile. These treatments aren’t just limited to bite problems, but can also correct general wonkiness and misalignment, as well as spacing between the teeth. Our most popular treatment for bite problems is Invisalign braces, which use removable aligners to gently move the teeth over time, rather than braces fixed to the teeth.


Preventing bite problems


Bite problems don’t just happen overnight. They tend to slowly develop over time. This means that, with regular dental check-ups, you could prevent your bite from becoming an issue as concerns could be spotted early. Or, an intervention could be done at an earlier stage, whether with Invisalign braces or another kind of brace.


Signs of bite problems


If you’re not sure whether you have a bite problem, take a moment to look at your smile. Are your teeth neatly aligned? Do some overlap? And what about when chewing and eating – do you experience any pain or discomfort? It may not be jaw pain but may be something more like headache or tension. If you’re at all unsure, give our professional Nottingham dentists a call. We can arrange an appointment at a time and date to suit you, and not only look over your smile but advise on treatments and things to be aware of.

Call our Nottingham dentists today or book online and let us help you achieve a brighter smile!