Are Dental Implants Worth It?

The million-dollar question! All things considered, and all things weighed up equally… Are dental implants worth it? Well, we as dentists believe they are because of their health benefits, but do they really offer so many perks to those wearing dentures or just making do with a missing tooth? Let’s find out if dental implants are worth it.

Dental implants are long-lasting

Dental implants are definitely worth the investment if you’re seeking to replace a missing tooth with a treatment option that could last for the rest of your life. Dental implants are made of strong materials like porcelain and rooted titanium, so they are sturdy and strong. With the correct care, they could last you the rest of your life without the need for replacing components or the fussy maintenance of dentures. We find that a lot of patients are enamoured with how reliable they are, and how many doors they open to a more relaxed lifestyle.

Dental implants are fitted and permanent

Dental implants are intended and fitted to be permanent. Because their titanium root invites the jawbone to heal around it, they form an incredibly strong foundation in your jaw. They won’t budge, dislodge, or come loose when eating, chewing, talking, or laughing. A lot of patients find this kind of long-term security very attractive, especially when considered above their dentures. No more securing your full or partial denture with strange-tasting glue, hastily refitting them after they dislodge during a social occasion, or overnight soaks and cleaning when you replace them with a dental implant!

Dental implants could improve your quality of life

With a fixed and permanent tooth replacement, many patients find they don’t need to worry about the embarrassing occurrences associated with dentures. With a new-found confidence, you won’t need to limit your diet and cater to your dentures anymore with small morsels of non-offensive food. Dental implants are definitely worth it when considering that not only could they have many health benefits, but they could also improve your quality of life, relationships, and social confidence.

Dental implants keep your jawbone healthy

We touched on this point in one of our previous blog posts, so we’ll just quickly summarise. Each tooth has a root that feeds into the jawbone. This root tells the jawbone that the tooth is still there, and its strength is still needed, so when you lose a tooth these signals stop. This leads that one area of the jawbone becoming weak, threatening the rest of the area’s teeth and bone but also softening your facial structure. However, here’s the kicker. If you notice the bone resorption and decide you’d like a dental implant(s) in that area after all, you might require more preparation and bone grafting than if you’d opted for a dental implant as soon as you had the gap. Dental implants aren’t just worth it to fill a gap, but they’re worth it to continue to promote your jawbone health lest you live to regret it and have to undertake extra steps not previously entertained.


So, I guess you could say that we think dental implants in Nottingham are worth it! With extra confidence, better chances at improved dental health, and implant dentist experts to help you with your treatment journey, there’s never been a better time to replace missing teeth with Arnold Dental. Enquire online or speak to a member of the team on 0115 9200571 to book your initial implant consultation today!