Choosing The Right Braces For You

Deciding on a teeth-straightening procedure can be a big step, and with treatment lasting an average of a year, you need to get it right the first time. Here at Arnold Dental, a reputable dentist based near Newark, our Orthodontics experts can offer a range of braces and technologies, ensuring you’ll find the perfect fit for your smile. Here’s the lowdown on what’s on offer, and the pros and cons of each.


 Many consider Invisalign aligners to be the best in the business – and they’re one of the most advanced treatments available. The treatment uses a series of clear braces – a type of acrylic aligner – to incrementally move teeth into the desired position. It’s a popular choice with teens and adults alike.

Pros: Invisalign is known for being near-invisible – lots of people don’t notice when someone’s wearing the aligners. They’re also very highly comfortable to wear and can be removed for short periods (such as for eating and teeth-cleaning).

Cons: the price is usually comparable to alternative methods, but on occasion, treatment may cost more (it depends on how many sets of aligners you’ll need to get your desired results). Also, the fact they’re removable – which is a huge positive – can also be a negative, as you’ll need to clean them along with your teeth.

Smile Tru

Similarly to Invisalign, Smile Tru uses clear braces to move teeth over time, this time with custom-made positioners.

Pros: the treatment may use fewer trays than Invisalign, and it’s also ideal for cases where minimal treatment is required. As with Invisalign, it’s near-invisible, removable and comfortable to wear.

Cons: Smile Tru has its limitations, because often the aligners are made in advance, which means there’s no room for tweaks during treatment. Invisalign can offer more flexibility here. It’s also possible for Smile Tru to affect speech while you get used to wearing the positioners.

Inman Aligners

These custom braces are usually only suitable for the front 4 teeth, and usually only for minor adjustments (such as tilting, rotating or pushing).

Pros: incredibly, the aligners have a success rate of over 90% and can treat teeth in a matter of weeks. As with the other types, they are removable, although they can be a more affordable option.

Cons: these braces are only suitable for mild cosmetic straightening, and a retainer needs to be worn at night to ensure the teeth don’t move back.

Making the right choice

If you’re interested in clear braces here at Arnold Dental, your local Dentist based near Arnold, then don’t hesitate to get in touch or book online with our team today. We look forward to booking you in with our Orthodontic experts!