How A Tooth Implant Benefits Your Dental Health

If you’re considering a tooth implant, the one thing that might be putting you off is the procedure itself. However, when you consider the fact that dental implants have been known to stay in place for well over 20 years, compared to traditional dentures, which may only serve for you as little as 7 years, that’s a far longer time period without dental worries.

Here at Arnold Dental in Nottingham, we appreciate not only that dental fear is a genuine concern, but that our concerted attempts to address it and put our patients at ease go a long way in making people feel comfortable about their treatments. This means that more people can take advantage of the huge benefits treatments like tooth implants can offer.

What tooth implants can do for you

You’re probably already aware that a tooth implant is a prosthetic tooth, which is attached securely and permanently to your jaw to plug the gap in your teeth that has occurred through toothloss, giving you a more beautiful smile.  It looks like a natural tooth and thanks to the osseointegration process that occurs, you can treat it just like a natural tooth too; cleaning it the same way and not having to worry about it falling out.

With many surveys suggesting that you’re more likely to be promoted at work or lucky in love if you have a nice smile, can you really afford not to have a dental implant? Especially if you consider the fact that your other teeth will shift into a space created by the loss of a tooth and out of alignment if you put off getting a tooth replacement for too long. If you’re self-conscious about having teeth missing, dental implants are a great solution and they’re not just good for your mental health.

How a dental implant can help keep your body healthy

As well as enhancing your smile, a dental implant serves a number of practical purposes. When you replace missing teeth you enhance the strength of your jawbone. Jawbones can begin to atrophy in places where they’re not stimulated by the root of a tooth, whether that’s a natural root or a titanium one; as in the case of an implant.

Having a strong, healthy jawbone means you’re less likely to get cavities or suffer from gum disease. This means fewer fillings and potentially fewer physical ailments too. Untreated gum disease has been linked to heart disease and diabetes. These are serious conditions you could potentially avoid by opting for a simple tooth implant procedure!

If you’re looking into tooth replacements and want to find out more about dental implants, please book yourself in for a consultation at our Arnold, Nottingham dental practice. We’ll be able to furnish you with all the information you need about the procedure, as well as find you an appointment date to suit you. Our experienced team of dentists will explain everything carefully and thoroughly to ensure you understand the steps of the procedure and how soon you can expect to have your missing teeth replaced with a strong, natural looking alternative.