What Are The Health Benefits Of Invisalign?

Braces, like Invisalign and Inman Aligners, are great for straightening your teeth. That’s what they’re designed for, right? But that’s not all they’re capable of. Invisalign treatment comes with great health benefits that go far beyond just improving your cosmetic smile.

Invisalign helps protect against tooth decay

Tooth decay is so common that virtually everyone has some form of it, mild or otherwise. The way Invisalign protects against tooth decay has to do with the straightness of your teeth, so you achieve a beautiful smile and promote great dental health at once. Invisalign straightens your teeth and lessens the number of folds, nooks, and crannies present that food debris gets trapped in. When this debris does get stuck, it attracts bacteria to feast on it and produce harmful toxins as a by-product. These toxins break down the protective enamel on your teeth, causing cavities, sensitivity, and decay. These hidden areas are often difficult to reach when cleaning too, so food can easily lie undisturbed there. By straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you create a more uniform tooth surface that lessens the likelihood of food becoming trapped. You also make them easier to clean, so there will be fewer hidden surprises lurking around tooth corners!

Invisalign helps prevent bad breath

How many times has someone exhaled or spoken to you and you’ve caught a little bit of their breath? Not nice, especially when it’s bad breath! If you worry about the smell of your breath, then you’ll be pleased to find out that Invisalign helps prevent it! As we mentioned before, the bacteria attracted by the food stuck in your misaligned teeth produce toxins when they feed. These toxins are, sadly, foul-smelling and recognisably taint your breath. This is also why bad breath is a common signifier of more sinister dental problems on the horizon, because it hints at the presence of bacteria and decay. By aligning your teeth and closing small gaps, you lessen the food and bacteria that cause bad breath.

Invisalign helps protect against gum disease

Gum disease is extremely common in the UK. Nearly everyone has a form of it on the spectrum of mild to vastly more severe. Experiencing blood when you brush is a common enough sensation to experience when brushing, but this indicates the early development of gum disease. By closing any small gaps with Invisalign and straightening any overlapping surfaces, you provide food and bacteria with fewer areas close to the gum-line to sit. Food and bacteria that cling to the bottom of teeth sit on the gums too, encouraging the onset of gum disease. Closing these gaps and straightening your teeth improves your smile and your gums.

Invisalign could improve your confidence and mental health

Mental health and how we feel about ourselves are increasingly being seen as important aspects of our general, overall health. When we don’t feel good about ourselves or are uncomfortable in our appearance, we inevitably experience a downturned mood and might not feel great about introducing ourselves to social situations. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign will not only give you the confidence to smile after treatment, but it could also do this during treatment too. This is because the aligners are made of transparent plastic, rendering them nearly invisible. They’re also not fixed to the teeth, so they can be taken out for a special occasion or social event and replaced again when you’re done. This means you’re not limited by your braces and you’ll still achieve the same great results as long as you continue your treatment as planned.

Invisalign invisible braces come hand-in-hand with great dental health and a straightened and more even smile. They’re light-weight, durable, and clear so your treatment will continue to be discrete and comfortable. Why not find out for yourself what Invisalign could do for you at Arnold Dental in Nottingham? Enquire online or call 0115 9200571 to book your first appointment today!