Invisalign Braces: Top Tips

So, you’ve just got – or are looking into getting – Invisalign braces. But how do you get the most out of them and ensure they last until your next set comes along, and that your treatment stays on track?

Here at Arnold Dental, your local Nottingham dentist, we’ve seen the transformative power of Invisalign braces time after time, where even after a few short months, our patients have enjoyed subtle results that have made a big difference to their confidence – and their lives.

In this post, we’ll talk through our top tips for caring for your new Invisalign braces – as well as your smile. While you can always get replacement aligners if something goes wrong, we know how frustrating it can be to have delays to your treatment. And, ordering pair after replacement pair can quickly get expensive. So, here’s how to help.

1) Keep them clean

Invisalign braces will need cleaning after use, just like your teeth do. While some people think that they won’t need to bother with cleaning them since they’re removed when eating, it’s important to remember that bacteria can still build up on your aligners over time. In addition, if you smoke or drink red wine, coffee, or any other coloured beverage, there’s a risk you could stain the trays – which would make them much more visible in the mouth. So, cleaning in the Invisalign brace solution will go a long way to keeping your aligners clean.

2) Have regular check-ups

When it comes to your smile, keeping on top of your oral health should always be one of your main priorities. Decay, infections and gum disease can all lead to potential tooth loss, which could ruin all your hard work wearing the Invisalign braces. Plus, if there are any problems with your Invisalign braces – for example, if a crack forms – we’re on hand to get things back on track. Booking in with our dentists here in Nottingham is key to taking care of both your smile and your aligners.

3) Wear them properly

With removable braces like Invisalign, it can be all too tempting to remove them when you feel like you need a break – or to forget to put them back in when you’ve taken them out. Invisalign braces should be worn 20-22 hours per day, even at night, so they can help work their straightening magic. Some forms of Invisalign braces, such as Invisalign Teen, even come with a helpful dot indicator to show they’ve been worn for the required time.

4) Report changes

If you notice any changes to your mouth, teeth or gums, book in with our Nottingham dentist straight away, as this could affect your Invisalign treatment.

5) Sign up to Invisalign with Arnold Dental

If you’re yet to have Invisalign braces fitted, come and see us for a consultation, where we can assess your oral health, create a 3D image of what your new smile will look like and share even more advice for helping your treatment go smoothly.

To book in for Invisalign braces at Arnold Dental with our friendly dentists, contact us in Nottingham today.