Your Step-By-Step Guide To A Seamless Smile

Dental implants are well-known for helping transform smiles – one tooth at a time. Here at Arnold Dental practice – based in Nottingham, near Newark – we think that just because you’re missing a tooth, doesn’t mean you should miss out on life. Not only do tooth implants give you the ability to laugh, smile and talk as you once did, but they also help you chew normally, have some great oral health benefits, and give you back your confidence. Here’s a guide to what’s involved in the process here at our dental practice.

Step 1: Consultation

For dental implants, as with any cosmetic treatment, a consultation is always an essential first step:

  • We’ll go over your oral health and medical history
  • We’ll carry out any X-rays and jawbone scans, as needed
  • We’ll take impressions of your teeth to ensure that perfect fit

We also find the consultation stage is useful in helping put any concerns or worries to rest – especially in our more nervous patients. Finally, it’s the ideal time to talk through exactly how your tooth implant treatment will pan out and what aftercare or risks you might need to know about.

Step 2: Treatment

Dental implants involve a minor surgical procedure, where a small hole is made in the jaw and the ‘root’ part of the implant, a titanium post, is inserted. Our practice is kept as clinical and sterile as possible in order to minimise any risks during the surgery. For nervous patients undergoing tooth implant surgery, we can also offer dental sedation.

Step 3: Healing

Your new dental implants will take anywhere from a matter of weeks, to 6 months to properly heal. This involves the post part of the implant ‘fusing’ to the jaw bone. Once this has settled, your colour-matched crown can be fitted, completing your new smile.

Step 4: Aftercare

In order for your beautiful new tooth implants to last as long as possible – perhaps even a lifetime – proper oral care is an absolute must. Brush and floss as you would your natural teeth (twice a day for two minutes a time), and ensure you keep an eye on any changes that might need dental attention. This final stage of treatment is really the time where you can enjoy your beautiful new smile properly!

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