What To Avoid With Invisalign Braces

Congratulations – you’ve just started on your journey to straighter teeth with Invisalign! However, many of our patients who undergo Invisalign brace treatment don’t realise how they need to care for their new aligners and keep their treatment on track. So, our team of dentists have come together to offer their advice on looking after your new clear braces, ensuring your journey to a straighter smile is a seamless as can be.

1) Incorrect cleaning

It might seem like Invisalign braces can be cleaned with your regular toothpaste and toothbrush, but in reality, these can actually cause your clear braces to discolour and weaken. The best option is to use a denture or retainer solution and to rinse your Invisalign braces off when you’re ready to put them back in. It’s also important to remember that hot and boiling water can actually damage the structure of your Invisalign braces, so use cool water only.

2) Incorrect Invisalign wear

As your new clear braces are removable, it can be tempting to keep taking your Invisalign braces out – especially if you’ve just changed sets and are experiencing some pressure on your teeth. In reality, you should be wearing them around 22 hours per day – so even overnight. However, for eating, cleaning, and one-off social events, you’ll be able to remove them. Our dentists warn that this is one of the most common problems with Invisalign brace treatment and can seriously affect the straightening procedure of your teeth.

In addition, eating with your clear braces in can seriously affect them, causing them to crack or even snap. They’re not designed to be ‘chewed’ on, and even chewing gum could cause an issue (not to mention it could get stuck in between the ridges of the aligner). Finally, watch what you drink – if you like sugary drinks, tea and coffee, and wine, these can all affect the clarity of your Invisalign brace aligners.

3) Incorrect storage

When you do take your clear braces out, don’t leave them on the side like you would your glasses. As something that spends most of its time in your mouth, they’re covered in bacteria – and can pick up bacteria from the air and other surfaces. So, instead of leaving them exposed, place them in their given case and ensure you rinse when you remove and replace them. It’s worth remembering that Invisalign braces cost money to replace – so leaving them susceptible to damage or loss could get expensive!

For more tips on how to look after your new Invisalign braces, get in touch with our dentists here at Arnold Dental today. Located in Nottingham, near Newark, we’re well-placed for patients across the East Midlands.